In the 15th century lace is emerging as the most perfect art of female manual labor. From the 16th century, it ceased to be exclusively a masterful craft. The skill of making embroidery and lace were proof of a solid education of girls in that age. Embroidery remains a major pastime and profession in the female world until the mid-19th century. Whereas in recent times it relies on sewing machines with many possibilities. The prejudice that they are considered old-fashioned encourages a new approach to the problem – how to restore the old charm of embroidery and lace?


The ubiquity of digital images with millions of pixels becomes apparent with the insight into cubes of which a lace is made. The application of cubes as the most recognizable parts of the Croatian flag identity, in the form of preservation of Croatian embroidery and lacemaking, is the link between Croatian and national treasure. Redesigned application of lace with cubes / pixels, carefully stacked and finely tuned, is compared with the old techniques of embroidery which can not go into oblivion like the traditional values we used to admire.

BlueThe Croatian lace in orangeCotton bagThe Croatian lace in orangerose

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