Combination of tiles

The concept of a transfer art works from the techniques of a deep print in a high print, in tha case graphics to ceramic‘s tiles shows how far the wasteland of “ playing back playing” can go. The unpredictability and spontaneity of graphics converted into a illustrations, a pixels instead of a stains aren‘t bad manipulations because it is always a truth that we have to think in what we see, that we colud see something.


The lines of a human bodies as pinnacles the energy of a kitsch are celebrating the worthlessness a intimacy of the graphics on the ceramic‘s in the spirit of a lost spirituality. The ornamental human bancrupty and a triviality of existence in the design is a magical, symbolic and decorative function of tiles.


The vision of a spiritual downfall is especially feeling by a drawing attention to the ends of tiles and all the pages because the tiles on the following pages of any other tiles with which are accidentally connected together and continue own paths. The conclusion is a permissible to rotating tiles by a free will, connecting and assembling to the infinity.

Combination of tilesCombination of tilesCombination of tilesOUT OF BALANCE

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