The dyptih of perfect Ken and Barbie presents dolls as a symbol of consumer and aesthetic measurements of current social times. If you carefully look at realistically painted dolls, you notice shortcomings. Taking them part of the their bodies, the dolls become “shadowboxer”. As such, they no longer perform the function they should, to show a shine man with all the desirable measures and perfect smile. Perfect Barbies and Kens as banal as they are the symbol of today’s trends. The «rose» for girls and «blue» for boys, smiling faces, perfect measure, the world that I want breaks down here. Canons that are not appropriate to real ones are served, even though they have been permanently in the palms of the society we see in countless magazine titles, beauty articles and a lot of needed aesthetic interventions. The computerized way of life with imposed rules, automatic acceptances, is criticized in a subtle way and I want tell you to wonder why we accept the imposed criteria and what happens when they are not fulfilled and are we crazy about having a lot of “bad stuff” around us? Imposing patterns of behavior already in childhood makes it difficult to see reality and all imperfections are later much more difficult to understand and accepted. So people with disproportionate measures or disadvantages often remain hidden and undesirable.

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